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  • Stonehenge is one of the most famous unsolved mysteries known to man that really defy rational explanation or are just outright strange.One of the major mysteries of Stonehenge was how it was built.The first stones, the bluestones were sourced from the only place in the UK where such stone exists. In Wales, nearly 200 hundred miles away….


  • On March 8th 2014 we had the Malaysia jet mystery… How could a plane vanish?

    Intensive search efforts are under way to try and find flight MH370, which vanished from radar en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur over a year ago, with 239 people on board.

    None of the debris and oil slicks spotted in the water have so far been linked to the disappearance – but how could a plane vanish without a trace?Among the most pertinent unanswered questions: Why Flight MH370 flew so far off course without giving any indication of cause or purpose before it finally disappeared from radar scopes in the region. Some analysts looking at all the available information have concluded that it must have been deliberate. Conspiracy theories abound.


Why don´t you tell us what mysteries you think are missing or worthy of a mention so we can include them in a future list?


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  1. Yes, I know one. It’s not very popular, but it always fascinated me more than other stories like the Bermuda Triangle. Behind Kaspar Hauser, there are no supernatural theories, but the clues of how far away could go human cruelty.
    In 1828 in Nuremberg, at a big square, was found a strange boy. He was probably 16 or 17. Standing still in the middle of the street, dirty and wearing old shabby clothes that once were expensive, his feet bleeding, pedestrians questioned the boy, but he was unable to speak. In fact, his whole acts were not logical at all. The only information they could get was a letter the boy was holding strongly in his hand. It only contained a name, Kaspar Hauser (supposed to be the boy’s name), and the instructions to send the boy under Captain Wessening’s care in order to be trained as a soldier. “If you don’t accept him, then kill him” was the last line.
    Right from that moment, Kaspar Hauser’s case aroused the country’s curiosity and became a phenomenon. He didn’t know the existence of fire. He used to run scared from pendulum clocks, thinking they were perhaps living things trying to attack him, and he found repulsive all meals except plain bread and water. According to his acts, he had been living in a wild state but, surprisingly, at the moment he was found was able to answer “I don’t know” or to write his name in a piece of paper. Doctors stated that he was not retarded or physically abnormal, but he could have grown up in a jail, isolated from society and without almost any human contact until then. Lots of theories about Kaspar’s origins were spread. The most famous ones said he was an illegitimate son of King of Baden or even the result of a Napoleon’s affaire with some noble woman.
    As Captain Wessening rejected to take care of Kaspar, famous lawyer Anselm Feuerbach took him under his protection. During the following years, the primitive boy was properly educated. The first year he learnt to talk and furthermore Philosophy and other disciplines were taught to him. He unveiled part of the secret of his childhood: as far as he could remember, he had spent his life in a jail without room enough to stand. He vaguely remembered the presence of a man who used to feed him. Sometimes he used to drink some kind of bitter water that made him fall asleep. Then he would wake up totally clean and dressed up. But who kept the boy imprisoned and why is still a mystery today.
    Kaspar’s master died in 1833, and soon afterwards the boy was found deadly injured. The weapon they used was probably a knife. In his bed, he didn’t say a single word about the tragic happening, he was just repeating: “it wasn’t me”.
    Lots of researches have been performed in Germany up to date, like DNA tests on Kaspar’s remains, but none of them casted 100% certain answers.

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  2. Wow!

    What an impressive story! I do like it!

    100% interesting.



  3. Hi, Carmen!

    I love unsolved mysteries, so I want to write about some disconcerting events. I hope you like it.

    The Mary Celeste

    The Mary Celeste, a brigantine 30 meters long, sailed from New York on November 7th 1872, bound for Genoa, Italy. Weeks later, the ship was found sailing towards Gibraltar. The food was served, and there was no sign of struggle or violence, but the whole crew had mysteriously disappeared.

    The Voynich Manuscript

    The Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated book of unknown contents, written about 500 years ago by an anonymous author in an unidentified alphabet and unintelligible language, called Voynichese. The manuscript illustrations do not clarify the contents of the text but denote that the book consists of six “sections “, with different subject and style. Except the last section, which contains only text, almost all pages containing at least one illustration. The sections and their conventional names are: “Herbarium”, “Astronomy”, “Biological”, “Cosmology”, “Pharmaceuticals” and “Recipes”. Many people have tried to decode it, but, except some isolated words, the efforts have been unsuccessful.

    The Wow Signal!

    The Wow signal is a radio signal picked up by the SETI in 1977 that, to date, is the only message received which could have an alien origin and be issued by intelligent beings.
    The radio telescope “Big Ear” received the signal for 72 seconds from the constellation Sagittarius. With an intensity 30 times higher than the background noise, the signal source is still being investigated, but it never happened again.

    Outer Space Music

    Two months before the famous moon landing of Neil Armstrong in 1969, the crew of the Apollo 10 mission flew over the hidden face of our satellite for an hour in which they were out of range transmissions communication with Earth. Although there was no connection with our planet in that brief period, it was recorded everything that happened. In the recording you can hear the astronauts, perplexed, discussing about a strange noise, like a whistle, that can be heard for almost the entire hour that the crew were out of range of radio transmissions to Earth, and if they should report NASA about it or not.

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Helendipity Weblog

learn English and share your experiences (SERENDIPITY= the accidental discovery of something pleasant and useful!)

Adrian Underhill's Pronunciation Site

Practical Discovery of English Pronunciation

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